Monday, 24 January 2011

January 2011 - normal service resumed.

Welcome to nudity on British T.V.
This blog aims to inform of all nude scenes on British television, male and female, at the end of each month providing a list of who has shed their clothes for their art.

With the start of the new year, the viewer was confronted with the usual promises of titilation from the latest host of starlets to grace our scenes, but so far the month has seen the same patterns of years gone repeated.

Shameless's first episode provided several shots of newcomer Emmanuel Ighodaro's rear, but the female nudity was confined to a (thankfully) brief shot of a older, larger topless extra.
The next episode provided some fleeting (partial) glimpses of Karen Bryson's rear, and in the third episode Pauline McLynn's breasts were briefly on view.

Episode 6 contained seven topless extras; the only two of whom could be described as conventionally attractive had not more than three seconds screentime.

To be honest I haven't high hopes for the rest of the series in terms of female nudity. We shall see.

Being Human's third series began on the 23rd, and as before Toby Whithouse contrived to continue to keep Sinead Keenan under wraps; despite ample opportunities to display her bare flesh, alas her character's coyness in front of her boyfriend during her transformations continues to frustrate.
In an interview Sinead claims that she gets her 'bum out', (link:, but Aidan Turner claims Lenora Crichlow would get naked in series 2 (link: proved to be false, so again I am doubting we are actually going to see any female nudity in series 3.

For the ladies and the gay men, Russell Tovey continues to oblige with a lengthy nude scene, albeit covered in dirt in last night's episode. Show debutant Robson Greene also had a brief nude scene in which he bared his buttocks.

And finally to the rather horrendous Coming of Age, which rather bewilderingly was recomissioned for a third run.
Once again Joe Tracini bared his backside in the opening unamusing sequence no less. Again the primary female cast remained under wraps, as in Being Human. No doubt the BBC are saving all displays of female flesh for the second series of Lip Service, due to return in the Autumn.